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Below are books we have found on the subject, or helpful. Please submit books to be refrenced here to :

I Wonder, colouring book for kids experiencing Parental Alienation Coloring Away Pain, Inc.
I don't want to choose: How middle school kids can avoid choosing one parent over the other by Dr. Amy Baker & Dr. Katherine Andre
Parenting From a Distance by Joan Hellerich
For Mothers of Difficult Daughters by Dr. Charney Herst
Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Breaking the Ties that Bind by Dr. Amy Baker PhD

Circle of Love: Relationships Between Parents, Providers, and Children in Family Child Care by Amy C. Baker

Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl?: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women by Jonetta Rose Barras

Real Dads Stand Up by Alicia M. Crowe

A Kidnapped Mind: A Mother's Heartbreaking Story of Parental Alienation Syndrome - by Pamela Richardson

Cheated: The Story of a Father Who Would Not Give Up His Children a Documented Account of Parental Alienation Syndrome - by Ronald E. Smith

The Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Guide for Mental Health and Legal Professionals by Dr. Richard Gardner

Child Custody and Domestic Violence: A Call for Safety and Accountabilityby Peter G. Jaffe, Nancy K. D. Lemon, Samantha E. Poisson

Divorce Casualties: Protecting Your Children from Parental Alienation by Douglas Darnall

The Parental Alienation Syndrome by Richard A. Gardner

Parental Alienation Syndrome in Court Referred Custody Cases by Janelle Burrill

Child Custody and Domestic Violence: A Call for Safety and Accountability by Janice M. Morse

The International Handbook of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Conceptual, Clinical And Legal Considerations - Richard A. Gardner, Richard Sauber, Demosthenes Lorandos (Editors)

Divorce Poison: Protecting the Parent/Child Bond from a Vindictive Ex by Dr Richard a. Warshak

Denied Access by David Chick

Children Held Hostage by Stanley S. Clawar

L'aliénation parentale by Collectif


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