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An essay, 500 words or less, on your situation. This will go into the book, along with the quilt.


BLOCK INSTRUCTIONS : (for Denied Access Grandparents)

1. Cut a piece of 14 " X 14" fabric (do not hem edges)

2. Draw a heart (two crossing if married), or appliqué heart(s) onto fabric (stitch hearts on top of fabric) You can embroider or decorate, as creatively as you like.

3. Write your first and last name (optional) in the heart. (You can also use the name your grandchildren call you (e.g. Nana Lou, Grandma Bee, Poppy, etc.)

4. Add the names of your denied access grandchildren. (You can also call them by your personal terms of endearment, e.g.: Munchkin, Pookie, etc.)

BLOCK INSTRUCTIONS : For Grandparents raising Grandchildren:
On a piece of fabric 14" X 14" you need to trace one of your hands and write your first and last name in the palm. If you have a spouse they too will need to trace one of their hands with their first and last name in the palm. Then have each grandchild trace one of his/her hands and write only their first name in the palm. You may use an assumed name or just whatever your grandchildren call you: grandma,nana, Baba,etc!

Submit your creation of love, as soon as possible, so I have them in plenty of time to sew the blocks together and completed on time.

This showpiece is something we can all do, to highlight the need for protection of the rights for our families and our children. We would love to have all the grand's participate in this special project.

If you know any other grandparents who would like to be part of this project please forward this e-mail to them.

A disclaimer for your permission to use your stories and handprints for the quilt and book is below. The disclaimer MUST be signed before you can participate in this project.

Thank you all in advance for your wonderful contribution towards this most important project.


Call me at: 613-474-0035.

Love, Betty Cornelius,
President, CANGRAND
SR.R. # 1, McArthurs Mills, Ontario, Canada K0L 2M0
e-mail :


(name) __________________________, of ______________________, allow the use of my name and personal information provided concerning my children/ grandchildren and family, to be used, disseminated, and published by "The ORIGINAL Hearts & Hands Across Canada" in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

I give: "The ORIGINAL Hearts & Hands Across Canada"; the right to freely use my fabric block with the names on it as well as my story in the "Hearts & Hands Quilt" and book to aid with the issues of grandparent, juvenile and family-related matters. I agree to hold "The ORIGINAL Hearts & Hands Across Canada" and its directors, officers, and employees ,harmless for any conduct by them in regard to using and communicating personal information bout myself and my family. I have fully read and understand the above authorization. I also understand that I have a right to have this authorization reviewed by an attorney and I have the right to refuse this authorization. By signing below, I hereby consent to this authorization and its contents.
Signature _____________________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________
Phone __________________________________________

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